The Fluent Reader (2nd Edition): Oral & Silent Reading Strategies for Building Fluency, Word Recognition & Comprehension

Fluent Reading

Tim Rasinski’s groundbreaking book has been updated to include coverage of the latest research on fluency, teaching strategies based on that research, new classroom vignettes, and suggestions for using a variety of texts to teach fluency such as poetry, speeches, and monologues and dialogues. You’ll also find background information, assessment tools, step-by-step lessons, and teaching tips—plus video clips showing the strategies in action. For use with Grades 1-8. (See More at Amazon...)

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  1. Thank God I have never had that problem with reading. I feel sorry for children who have that kind of problem - not be able to fully enjoy books is a total shame. I really hope this book can help children out and improve their reading skills. Thank you .


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