If You're So Smart, How Come You Can't Spell Mississippi? (A Story About Dyslexia)

If You're So Smart, How Come You Can't Spell Mississippi? (A Story About Dyslexia) (Adventures of Everyday Geniuses)


Katie always thought her dad was smart; he is one of the busiest attorneys in town! People are always asking him for advice! She has been a bit confused since asking him for help with her weekly spelling list. How can her very smart dad struggle with one of her spelling words? This definitely didn't make sense. the word Mississippi has changes everything...

Book Series Endorsements:

"It is hard to overstate how much better children are served if they believe, rightly, that their efforts to improve academically actually make a difference. Research by Dr. Carol Dweck and colleagues has shown, in impressive detail, that children's beliefs about the nature of intelligence--as being either malleable or fixed--can greatly impact both their attitude towards learning and their academic achievement. It is far better to believe in a malleable rather than a fixed notion of intelligence. Thus it is a delight to see books like the present one put much needed, and scientifically credible, tools in the hands of educators, parents, and children." 
Dr. Jeremy Gray, Yale University 
Professor of Psychology 
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  1. This is simply great. For children with such kind of problems and for parents who have children with such problems. I admire the author of this book, he really cares about children and what can define the person better than that? Thanks a lot for posting.


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