Spelling Intervention Review: Spelling by Pattern

Spelling Intervention - Spelling by Pattern

Spelling by Pattern is a classroom instructional program that teaches students about sounds, syllable patterns, and sense in  the English writing system.

Authors:  Ellen Javernick, Betty Hooper, and Louisa Moats, Ed.D.
Grades:  1 - 3 or remedial

The program's content includes:

  • Awareness of vowel and consonant phonemes
  • Knowledge of productive phoneme-grapheme correspondences
  • Common irregular words from the 300 most often used words in English
  • Syllable spelling patterns and combinations
  • Prefix, root, and suffix constructions
  • Word usage within sentence contexts
  • How a word's grammatical role affects spelling
  • Idioms, figures of speech, and more
Spelling by Pattern, Level 1 contains 30 cumulative lessons involving games, drills, songs, dictations. word sorts, reviews, and use of words in cloze exercises and simple writing tasks.  The first 100 words are learned through mnemonic devices and multisensory practice routines.

Spelling by Pattern, Level 2 contains 28 lessons, including reviews.  Each lesson includes introduction of a concept; exploration of a 15 - 20 word list; study of "heart" words from the most commonly used word list; use of words in context; and word sorts.

Spelling by Pattern, Level 3 is exploration.  The patterns taught in the 28 weekly lessons include words with closed, open, VCe, vowel team, vowel-r, and c-le syllables; all common patterns for long vowel spellings; homophones; "heart" (irregular) words; and words with common prefixes and suffixes.

Teacher Training

Teacher manuals explain the concepts presented in each lesson, provide scripts for each concept's introduction, and provide answer keys for lessons.

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